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Sequim Bay Property Pictures

1. This is the view from the neighbor on the south side of the property. Notice the bushes and the some smaller trees.

2. This is a typical view from inside the property. There are lots of small trees and brush that grow up quite tall.

3. Another shot showing what things look like within the 50-ft zone: lots of these bushes with the yellow flowers. Obviously, a good chunk of these nasty bushes will need to be removed and thinned out.

4. View from the beach looking up at the same area of the previous photo.

5. Another view from the beach, this time of the bluff, some bushes, and the evergreens. We're fine with leaving the evergreens, of course, and just doing some limbing on them. And we'll be extremely careful with cutting right on the edge as we don't want any erosion on our property. However, we'll need to be able to clear some of the brush on the previous photos in order to open up the view decently.

6. This is a typical view of the very center of the property. If this is within 50-ft, then what are our options?

7. Another view of the property from the south side.

8. This is the view from the northern neighbor's beach.

9. View from the air with the border outlined in red (roughly).