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Holidays 2001

These pictures were taken in the following places:
Pacific City, Oregon: Thanksgiving.
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Visiting Carol's friend, Juanita.
Snohomish and Totem Lake, Washington: Christmas
Dates: November 22 - December 29, 2001.


Here we are, gathered at the beach house in Pacific City, OR, for Thanksgiving. Sissel made a really awesome "kransekake" for us all to enjoy.

Camille, proudly showing off her art work.


Visiting Vancouver and eating sushi with Juanita, Carol's high school friend from Taiwan.
That's Lisa (far left) and Linda, Juanita's daughters.


And it's Christmas Eve again!
Guess who's celebrating her first ever Christmas?

Is Sonja the star of the party?

Everybody gets something to eat and drink before the big dinner starts...

Chris is looking serious before the main event...

But wait! There's more! All of a sudden, someone has her first birthday!!

Looking mighty cute...

Too many presents? Looks like Sonja is starting to doze off.
Camille is paying close attention, though.

Everybody takes a turn playing with the birthday girl...

It's Saturday night (Dec-29-2001) and it's the last dinner before Kris, Rebecca, and Sonja head back to New Jersey.
Here's Sonja enjoying her visit to the Olive Garden in Totem Lake.

Another cute picture. I couldn't leave this out.

Still at Olive Garden. Looks like Sonja had a yummy meal!

Author: Jacob Kjelstrup, jacob@iicnet.com